My Favourite First 5 Minutes of The Prompt


I'm a big fan of podcasts, 5by5 and especially the guys on The Prompt. The three co-hosts - @iMyke, @viticci & @ismh - have a good chemistry together (so cliché) and are a lot of fun to listen to.

But the first five minutes of this week's episode had my laughing out loud. The transcript below starts at just after t = 3:00 into the episode.

Link to episode page and show notes.

Myke: So, I had spagehtti carbonara this weekend
Federico : Mmm...
M: ... and tweeted about it to Federico and he was very, very unhappy at me because of the time that I ate the pasta.
F: I mean you were eating pasta at like 5pm.
M: Well, it was...
F: What are you, like an old man or something?
M: I was sitting in an Italian restaurant for dinner.
F: So was it lunch or dinner, at 5pm? What do you do for the rest of the day if you have dinner at 5pm?
M: (Aside) What did we do?
F: Do you just sit around and try to fall asleep?
Stephen: Hmm.
F: What did.. if you.. I don't know, it's just so inconveiable for me.
M: So bassically after that, I then.. well after being out all day, we kind of combined lunch and dinner, you know. As you do in these scenarios. And then later on...
F: No you don't do, you don't combine lunch and dinner.
M: Okay, okay, okay, then we ate more later on and then watch The Godfather so.. you know.
F: Mmm..
S: Mmm..
M: I'm sorry, Frederico.
F: You will do better next time.
M: Well the thing that I'll do next time is not tweet a picture about the fact that I'm eating pasta.
F: You should just, you know, eat pasta when it's time for pasta.
M: It was definitely time...
F: Not at 5pm, it's... Myke.
M: It was time for pasta.
F: Noo
M: I wanted pasta, and that was the time.
F: I mean, of course, I get the argument that you wanted pasta so you ate pasta. But, it's just dinner is at least 8pm.
S: That's so late. I agree 5 is early, but 8 is late. [Pause] Maybe we should just stop doing a podcast together.
M: Or at least just do one about pasta.
S: Yeah, yeah, we're gonna pivot The Prompt into the 5by5 Cooking Show.
F: Hmm, that's a nice idea actually.
S: Yeah. I would, I would - we could do a video podcast...
F: Can we call it the "Pasta-Cast"?
S: Obviously, Frederico cooks you pasta while speaking in Italian, only wearing an apron. It will be 5 stars in the iTunes store. Without a doubt.
F: That's how you do it. Yeah.
S: Yeah, we're definitely gonna earn the explicit tag.
F: Yeah, what ever.
S: Umm, yeah I think this is- and I would say that this just be the last Prompt. There's nothing going on next week.