Looking Forward to WWDC

I don't usually talk about, or post what I think is going to happen at Apple's WWDC Keynote presentation on Monday (June 2nd) -- but everybody else is, so I am going to as well. This is a developers' conference first and good PR, the Hajj for Apple fans for apple second.

Pretty certain

Because this conference is for developers and the press, we can be certain of a few things that will be announced.

iOS 8

This is obviously going to happen, I just want to see: * some better support for Bluetooth keyboards * AirDrop between Mac and iOS * better handling of notifications * App tiles (? - I really like the look of Windows phone)

OS X 10.10

No brainer. The name? Prob Yosemite. Somebody online pointed out that it is Yosemite's 150th anniversary (or something like that) so Apple may try to be a little nostalgic -- I don't see why not. But Apple is Apple, and there are so many places in California that there is just no knowing.

Want to see

Apple TV API / Improvement

I feel that this is a sleeping giant. First, Apple needs to issue a software update that will fix many of the bugs. Having experienced these problems first hand and hearing many others with the same problems - e.g. long load times and crashing.

Mac Mini

This is just me being selfish. I'm been looking to buy a Mac Mini for a wee while now and I don't want to buy one late in the product refresh cycle. It's been a while since we got a refresh on this bad boy. There are a lot of people that buy them to switch out from Windows or as servers because they are the only Macs that can be run headless.

It would be interesting if utilized the "desktop class" A7 processor in the Mac Mini. I want to see a Mac Mini that takes the design of the [Mac Pro}(http://www.apple.com/macpro).


Home automation

Apple doesn't make any home automation devices but they do sell them and they make the best remote for them. If this rumour does come to fruition, I feel that Apple is going to position this as a hub for all home automation. They will try and create a standard and API for hardware manufactures utilize in order for the devices on heterogeneous home system to communicate with each other making smarter home.

Not holding my breath

Health book

This one, I'm not sure about. I understand the draw for this to happen, but again Apple doesn't make any of these devices and I don't think they will ever get into developing medial hardware.

There are companies that have been developing medical equipment for years and they have a trust behind the name. These are devices that are monitoring people's lives. These have to work 100% of the time -- he hardware engineers take on a responsibility to ensure that these will not malfunction at a any time, much less a critical time.

That being said, some of the health categories listed in the rumoured health book screen shot require invasive procedure in order to make a reading. From my interaction with biomedical engineers at universities, we can keep an eye on emerging technology in the "medical sensor" domain. We have seen some really preliminary results, but nothing robust enough for mass consumerism. There are so many things that could go wrong with monitoring your vitals, for example, blood pressure cuffs are really easy to put on incorrectly.

I can just imagine Tim Cook sitting in a chair in his office with a big grin on his face because everybody's speculation may be so off.